Hello Sprite Members… some of you may remember that ALL my photography taken this past 2017 season on SIYC is FREE for you to DOWNLOAD and OWN… and personally use! This year was Chuck and my “Silver Jubilee on SIYC” and I want to say "THANK YOU " to everyone in the club by giving you something personal. If you haven’t already, visit this years’ galleries (below), by month and event. Once in the Galleries, it is easy and fun to visually cruz though this past summer finding special portraits and landscapes you like. Use the small arrow in the lower-right corner of the featured shot to whisk your favorite photos into your desktop computer or device. Then create a special HOLIDAY CARD, or I am always here to help you gift something spectacular! Beautiful photography makes gifts that will dazzle the recipient and brighten your home, even in your child’s bedroom. I have such fun kids’ photos… and portraits….go find them. Then let’s talk. I’m happy to hear your thoughts and questions then help you make a special personal memory.

All my very best for a beautiful Thanksgiving.

Gretchen Yengst… joined SIYC 1992

PS.  IDEA: Create a Sprite BATHROOM with favorite enlargements. You will get an uplift with every visit :)).